Monday, April 27, 2009


Analysis on everyone is coming soon. But first, here are the numbers on the UDFAs:

John Matthews WR (5113/200/4.52pd) San Diego
Colin Cloherty TE (6021/245/4.70e) Brown
Cornelius Lewis T (6034/332/5.22c) Tennessee State
Tom Pestock G (6064/300/5.00e) Northwestern Missouri
Adrian Grady DT (6013/298/5.18pd) Louisville
Pat Kuntz DT (6021/285/5.05pd) Notre Dame
Tyrell Sales OLB (6022/231/4.58pd) Penn State
Ramon Humber OLB (5106/224/4.58e) North Dakota State
Brandon Harrison CB (5090/205/4.55e) Michigan
Tim Masthay P (6014/198/4.80c) Kentucky

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