Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting closer

More prospects:

Aaron Brown RB TCU (6004/200/4.49pd) is a blinding quick, naturally elusive runner with great hands. Small and fairly easy to bring down, some teams would like to move Brown to wide receiver, but if he becomes a Colt, he’d likely stay at halfback. No matter what team he plays for, he’ll get his best shot at sticking in the NFL as a return man — he went 37-1,015-1 (27.43 average) on kicks in college. Probably an UDFA.

Blake Schleuter C TCU (6023/290/4.79pd) is an undersized, technically sound center with a great character and a non-stop motor. How many of these guys do the Colts really need?

Henry Melton DE Texas (6035/269/4.664pd) is a former fullback who is still growing into his frame and still learning how to play defensive end. Still he’s an excellent athlete with some natural pass-rush moves and enviable explosion and pursuit skills. Has great special-teams attitude and ability. Had a DUI arrest, but still seems like a decent kid. Will surprise on draft day. Looks like a Colt.

Roger Allen G Missouri Western (6035/326/5.25pd) is a massive and talented small-school guard who needs coaching and a bit more determination at finishing his blocks to make it in the pros. Has good footwork, but short arms will keep him inside. Very effective on the move/second level. Late second-day pick.

Bradley Fletcher CB Iowa (6003/197/4.47c4.44pd) is considered a bit too stiff and straight-linish by many scouts, but could succeed in the NFL depending on the scheme or if he’s moved to free safety. Very physical and instinctive. Still improving, and will be drafted in the fourth or fifth rounds.

James Laurinaitis ILB Ohio State (6017/244/4.76c4.72pd) is a shadowy figure I know nothing about.

• ColtsCorner reports that the Colts signed Kyle DeVan C Oregon State (6015/308/5.18pd in 2008). Undrafted last year despite a great career at OSU, DeVan signed with the Redskins. They released him, and he was signed to the Jets’ practice squad. After they released him, he played with the Boise Burn of the AFL. He’s a typical fringe-y Colts lineman prospect — quick, smart and determined, but undersized and not all that strong. Throw him on the pile, see what he can do.

• Published reports say Kenny Britt has called Bill Polian to draft him or pay the consequences. Looks like you just blew your shot to catch passes from Peyton Manning, son.


john said...

Thanks for all the posts, Can't wait for Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry. On another note, what do you think of Ohio St. QB Todd Beockman? I know he's not rated like some others but he has size, big game experience, pretty intelligent and can make the throws. I say draft him late or UDFA him, and give him a shot to beat out Sorgi, with an eye toward maybe being the guy to replace Peyton in 3-4 years.

Anonymous said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

Action Jackson said...

Hey Jerry, first let me say that this site is awesome. This is the most informative Colts site I've ever seen and it's been great to be able to keep track of which players the team's been interested in during the months leading up to the draft. For what its worth, I just wanted to throw out there that DT Greg Brown from Indiana said the Colts called him yesterday and Kicker Austin Starr told me the Colts are one of the 4 or 5 teams who contacted him. Unfortunately I don't know anything beyond just that they contacted them but I just thought I would try to contribute in any small way that I could. This is really shaking up to be a great weekend...