Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back in business

Couple more look-sees for the Colts:

Jeremy Navarre DT Maryland (6026/285/4.95e in 2009) was a starter at defensive end who moved inside to help his team as a senior. Although he got fewer sacks (2.5, as compared to 5.5 the year before), his overall play was just as good, if not better. Most NFL teams (especially those with 3-4 defenses) will look at him as an end, but the Colts would try him inside. He lacks the explosiveness and athleticism of the first-day guys, but he has the technique, intelligence and motor to make a contribution. He’s a former wrestler, and it shows when you watch him in traffic. He could get stronger, though. Navarre should be a late, perhaps sixth-round, draft pick.

Pierre Walters DE Eastern Illinois (6042/269/4.76e in 2009) is a one-dimensional pass-rush specialist. Some teams are looking at him as an OLB, but with the Colts, he’d play end. A project for sure, Walters has solid instincts and is very explosive, but hasn't faced top competition.

• The Buffalo Bills had Dominic Rhodes in for a visit. Bet they don’t sign him.

• The Colts put in a waiver claim for Will Franklin WR Missouri (6003/214/4.37c in 2008) when the Chiefs cut him, but the Lions got him because of their (far) worse record. It’s too bad, because the kid had potential. Still, it could give us an idea of what the Colts are looking for in the draft. Franklin is noted for his speed, his ability to make yards after the catch and his lack of fear of going over the middle. The drawbacks? Concentration and hands.

• No way the Colts draft Percy Harvin. He’s just not their type. My mind has been changed on this guy.

• Another guy I wouldn’t wait to see wear a horseshoe is Nate Davis. I know most of Colt-land loves him, but he’s not impressing anyone with his intelligence and people skills. To me, the problem is more the feeling I get that Davis is happy with how good he is now, and has no real desire to get any better. Check out this story.

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shake'n'bake said...

Should've taken you up on that Dom bet.