Thursday, April 2, 2009

Okay, mock my mock

1/27 Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina (6006/212/4.51c)
This kid has it all except blazing speed — but how many great wideouts are track stars and vice versa? Has eventual greatness written all over him. The Dolphins are talking about him at No. 25. But I worked in New York/New Jersey for years, so I know Bill Parcells lies.

2/61 Eben Britton T Arizona (6060/309/5.14c)
Hard-nosed kid can definitely play RT today, could develop into LT. Besides, dude is Estelle Parsons’ grandson! If you don't remember Estelle, you have to watch Bonnie and Clyde again. If you haven't seen Bonnie and Clyde, see it now. Estelle rocks.

3/92 Myron Pryor DT Kentucky (6002/319/5.03c)
Here’s the guy who’s going to stop the bleeding up the middle. Very explosive off the snap and stays low. Could be the steal of the draft if the team who gets him keeps him motivated. The Colts can do that.

4/127 Stephen McGee QB Texas A&M (6027/225/4.61c)
All the tools of a franchise quarterback, but he’s lacking experience. He'd be in the right place in Indy.

4/136 Gerald McRath ILB Southern Mississippi (6017/231/4.49c)
Speedy, undersized Mike is perfect for the Colts’ system and looks like Gary Brackett’s eventual replacement. Forget that 231 Combine weight, he plays at about 220-225.

5/165 Joe Burnett CB/RS Central Florida (5093/192/4.58c)
Capable but short Cover-2 corner with excellent return skills. Very tough in run support.

6/201 Tyrell Sutton HB Northwestern (5080/211/4.68c4.64pd)
Does everything well except run the forty and stay healthy. Quick first step could make him effective in short yardage. Ecellent receiver, good blocker, smart kid.

7/236 Dudley Guice Jr. WR Northwestern State (6024/209/4.40pd)
Of course Dudley’s on my mock, and why not? He has all the tools and is a great guy to boot.

Blockbuster: Jay Cutler’s a pretty good QB with nice stats, but aren’t two firsts, a third and Kyle Orton a bit much to pay for a guy with a 17-20 record as a starter (and a throw-in fifth rounder)? I’m not sure. Franchise quarterbacks are extremely rare, and Cutler really is one. The last time the Bears had one were those few shining moments Jim McMahon was healthy. They won the Super Bowl then. And haven’t since.

Cutler’s won-loss record was more a product of:

• a mediocre defense
• reliance on frequently injured, often marginally talented backs
• no better than average receiving options

… than any lack of skill or effort on his part.

Perhaps most important, the Bears kept Cutler out of the hands of division rival Vikings. With Cutler, they would have been awesome.

Why is this all on ColtPlay? Because the Colts play the Broncos at home in 2009, and don’t see the Bears unless it’s a rematch of Super Bowl XLI.

Kicking the tires: According to, the Texans are looking at a pair of ex-Colt linebackers. In Tyjuan Hagler, you have a quality guy who can contribute on defense at any linebacker spot and will help you on specials — but only on those rare occasions he’s healthy. In Buster Davis, you have a superproductive college player who has failed in a number of pro trials. If it were me, I’d roll the dice on Hagler, and run like hell from Davis.


didumissit said...

No more DT Kentucky players in the third round. I guess it doesn't matter, we are cursed in the third round. I say trade down for actual players who will make the team.

Jerry Langton said...

Touché, and nice Sweet Pea reference. Personally, I love Pryor, but if the 3rd-round curse is real, I'd hate to wish it on him.

By using GBNReport's trade table, the Colts could trade their third for Miami's fourth, fifth and seventh. Considering what Polian has done with late picks, it could work.

If that happened, I'd go DT 2nd (Dorrell?), then grab the OT later (Sam Allen?) and hope he develops.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry. I like your draft, wonder how close it'll be. What more do you know about the DT from KY. I haven't heard much about him (maybe that's a good thing).

Jerry Langton said...

Holland, here are the usual suspects' opinion of him: