Saturday, April 25, 2009

more draft

Nicks, the guy I had for the Colts, went one pick later. Do I care? No, I'm analyzer, not
a predictor.

Harvin in Minny? Great player, adds to their shaky characters tho. frozen gangstas
Vontae in Miami? I trust Parcells, but I wouldn't have taken him.
Jerry will suffer in Atlanta, at least at first
Oher in Balt is a no-brainer, I still like Ozzie Newsome
Cleveland did all that just for Mack? I changed my mind back, they are dumb.
Matthews in GB is another big hit for them.
Wood is a good kid, will be a great player; Buffalo made a wise choice, why do centers get no love? so important
Britt in Tenn, he's got real star potential and they needed a WR here badly, before the draft he told the Colts they'd pay if they didn't draft him — maybe he's right

Still happy as an MF clam over Donald Brown, you know he used to line up at slot sometimes at UConn, right?

Wells in AZ was obvious, might be the wrong kinda back tho
There's yer Ziggy in Pitt

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