Monday, May 7, 2012

More Colts 2012 rookie minicamp thoughts

Despite all the raves coming from the coaches and media, I’m worried about the Colts’ embryonic passing game. School obligations will prevent Andrew Luck, Griff Whalen and LaVon Brazill from participating in any OTAs (Coby Fleener is going back to school too, but since it’s post-grad work, he’s free to participate). I know Luck is talking about working out with various receivers on his own, but I’m worried about Brazill, who is making the transition from Mid-America to the NFL.

Far more disturbing is the fact that TY Hilton was slowed and limited by a hamstring injury he suffered at his Pro Day. The concerns about him prior to the draft were him making the jump from the Sun Belt to the NFL — so reps will be important — but also that he’s not very durable and often nicked up. Still he had a similar injury last September, but toughed it out and had a spectacular season with 72 receptions.

At rookie minicamp observers have been raving about Whalen and Jabin Sambrano. Since Whalen and Luck built up a rapport at Stanford, it doesn’t surprise me that Luck would look his way early and often. But I will keep an eye on Sambrano, who may be one of the least well known of the receiving prospects. The last receiver Montana sent to the NFL was Marc Mariani, and if Sambrano is anywhere near his level, the Colts should be delighted. The other guy to watch is former Cal Bear Jeremy Ross. Luck mentioned working out with him specifically, and he has a world of talent. The knock on him was that he was never all that productive in college because of poor route running and other bad, but one would assume correctable, habits.

It’s also interesting to note that the starting corners at rookie minicamp were Antonio Fenelus and Buddy Jackson, with Cameron Chism playing the slot. That surprised me because I thought Chism was the best prospect of the lot, certainly ahead of Jackson, who’s more of a returner. Perhaps the Colts are grooming Chism for a slot spot. We’ll see.

Also, there was a linebacker wearing No. 57 and I'm not sure who it was. If anyone else does, please let me know.


bronzegod said...

LB Brandon Peguese - Hampton 2011 #57. Jerry you do a great job. Thanks for your work.

Jerry Langton said...

Thanks BG, I had his as one of two 55s, fixed now.