Friday, May 18, 2012

Colts cut Matt Murphy, sign Zane Taylor

It doesn’t surprise me that much that the Colts cut guard Matt Murphy. The new regime is doing its best to distance itself from the Polians, and Murphy was one of their last signings. As a fringe player at a crowded position, his number just came up.

He was cut to make room for a player GM Ryan Grigson knew in Philadelphia, center Zane Taylor (6024/309/5.52c5.48pd in 2011). Perhaps best known for hoisting the bar 41 times at the Combine, Taylor went undrafted and spent time with the Jets, Bucs and Eagles as rookie without seeing the field in the regular season. He is not very athletic and his feet are dead slow, but he’s smart and tough and plenty strong. It’s a fairly uphill battle for him to make the team at this level, but he does suit the new power philosophy. He will have to adapt to stunts and blitzes better than he did in Utah if he wants to stick.

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