Monday, March 21, 2011

OT workout numbers

As a service to its readers, ColtPlay is providing the workout numbers for the top offensive tackles in the draft. Key: c=combine, pd=pro day, pdp=pro day numbers pending, DNP=did not participate.

Solder 6082c/pdp
Carimi 6070c/pdp
Castanzo 6070c/6070pd
Brewer 6062c/pdp
Ziemba 6055c/6055pd
Sherrod 6053c/6053pd
Carpenter 6043c/6043pd
Love 6043c/6043pd
Pinkston 6033c/pdp

Brewer 323c/pdp
Carpenter 321c/321pd
Sherrod 321c/321pd
Solder 319c/pdp
Pinkston 317c/pdp
Ziemba 317c/317pd
Love 315c/315pd
Carimi 314c/pdp
Castanzo 311c/311pd
Smith 307c/pdp

Arm length
Smith 3603c
Brewer 3504c
Solder 3504c
Sherrod 3503c
Love 3502c
Carimi 3500c
Castonzo 3404c
Carpenter 3400c
Pinkston 3400c
Ziemba 3400c

Solder 1.72c/pdp
Brewer 1.76c/pdp
Carimi 1.78c/pdp
Castanzo 1.80c/DNPpd
Carpenter 1.81c/DNPpd
Sherrod 1.81c/1.84pd
Love 1.85c/1.70pd
Pinkston 1.86/pdp
Ziemba 1.87c/1.87pd
Smith DNPc/pdp

Carimi 2.80c/pdp
Solder 2.87c/pdp
Castanzo 2.92c/DNPpd
Brewer 2.95c/pdp
Love 2.97c/2.95pd
Sherrod 3.01c/3.06pd
Carpenter 3.03c/DNPpd
Pinkston 3.06/pdp
Ziemba 3.10c/3.06pd
Smith DNPc/pdp

Solder 4.96c/pdp
Carimi 5.18c/pdp
Love 5.18c/5.07pd
Sherrod 5.18c/5.27pd
Brewer 5.21c/pdp
Castanzo 5.21c/DNPpd
Carpenter 5.22c/DNPpd
Pinkston 5.39c/pdp
Ziemba 5.50c/5.46pd
Smith DNPc/pdp

Bench press
Carimi 29c/pdp
Smith 29c/pdp
Castanzo 28c/DNPpd
Love 27c/DNPpd
Brewer 25c/pdp
Carpenter 23c/DNPpd
Sherrod 23c/DNPpd
Solder 21c/pdp
Ziemba 20c/DNPpd
Pinkston DNPc/pdp

Solder 32c/pdp
Carimi 31.5c/pdp
Castanzo 29.5/DNPpd
Ziemba 29c/28pd
Carpenter DNPc/28.5pd
Sherrod 28c/DNPpd
Pinkston 26.5c/pdp
Love 26.5c/DNPpd
Brewer 26c/pdp
Smith DNPc/pdp

Long jump
Solder 9’2c/pdp
Carimi 9’1c/pdp
Castanzo 8’9c/DNPpd
Brewer 8’4c/pdp
Pinkston 8’2c/pdp
Love 8’1c/DNPpd
Sherrod 8’1c/DNPpd
Ziemba 7’11c/8’4pd
Carpenter DNPc/8’10pd
Smith DNPc/pdp

20-yard shuttle
Solder 4.34c/pdp
Castanzo 4.40c/DNPpd
Sherrod 4.63c/DNPpd
Ziemba 4.65c/DNPpd
Brewer 4.81c/pdp
Love 4.84c/DNPpd
Pinkston 4.91c/pdp
Carimi DNPc/pdp
Carpenter DNPc/4.75pd
Smith DNPc/pdp

Castanzo 7.25c/DNPpd
Sherrod 7.43c/DNPpd
Solder 7.44c/pdp
Ziemba 7.74c/DNPpd
Brewer 7.84c/pdp
Love 7.84c/DNPpd
Pinkston 7.88c/pdp
Carpenter DNPc/7.65pd
Smith DNPc/pdp
Carimi DNPc/pdp

I'll update it as pro day numbers come in.

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