Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three out, three in ... wait, Tryon?

Okay, so we have Gary Brackett, Melvin Bullitt and Justin Tryon out, while Dan Orlovsky, AJ Edds and Jermale Hines are all in. I already spoke about Orlovsky, so here’s some info on Edds and Hines.

Lots of people were excited about Edds before the 2010 draft after a great career alongside Pat Angerer at Iowa, saying he looked like a potential starter down the road. But it didn’t work out with either the Dolphins, who picked him in the fourth round but gave up on him, or the Patriots. Edds didn’t play badly, just wasn’t spectacular.

Granted, both the Fish and the Pats ask their outside linebackers than the Colts do, but Edds needs significant improvement at play recognition before he can play for anyone on defense in the NFL. Right now, he’s an extra body/special teamer, but he could start showing up on defense if injuries mount.

His combine/pro day numbers:

Height: 6035, Weight: 246, 10-yard dash: 1.60c/1.63pd, 20-yard dash: 2.64c/2.75pd, 40-yard dash: 4.62c/4.67pd, Bench press: 16c/18pd, Vertical jump: 33.0c/35.5pd, High jump: 9’9c/10’0pd, 20-yard shuttle: 4.28c/4.41pd, 3-cone drill: 7.19c/7.40pd

Also to note – Edds is a Greenwood, Indiana, native and pronounces his last name as though it rhymes with “seeds.”

Hines played both free and strong safety at the Ohio State University and was a fifth-round pick of the Rams. They cut him after he failed to play a down in their first three games. The book on him is that he’s very Bullitt-like, playing more like a linebacker than a true safety. He’s not quick in zone coverage and just not at all suited to man. That makes me think he’s headed toward special teams and not much more.

His combine/pro day numbers (which are remarkably similar to Edds’):

Height: 6011, Weight: 219, 10-yard dash: 1.62c/1.56pd, 20-yard dash: 2.63c/2.63pd, 40-yard dash: 4.61c/4.59pd, Bench press: 19c/--pd, Vertical jump: 31.0c/--pd, High jump: --c/9’6pd, 20-yard shuttle: 4.21c/--pd, 3-cone drill: 6.90c/--pd

Brackett and Bullitt went IR for obvious reasons. Brackett’s effectiveness has been flagging in recent years and the Colts are set and satisfied with Angerer as their Mike for years to come. With a contract calling for $5 million next year and $6.6 million for 2013 and again in 2014, I think it’s safe to say we have seen the last of the man from Rutgers in a Colts’ uniform. Bullitt demanded a long-term contract in the offseason, got a three-year deal, played very poorly and could also be done in Indy. I don’t have the details of his contract handy, but I’m pretty sure cutting him after the season would not cripple the team.

As for Tryon, who knows? He didn’t make much money, played well when he got a chance and they traded to get him in the first place. There’s a Twitter controversy brewing, but it’s all just so much political-speak, I can’t be bothered to follow it. I think his absence weakens the team – unless there’s something we’re not being told.

Oh, and Bob Sanders is on IR again. Looks like he's about done.

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