Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another in our rare and occasional installments of ColtPlay

You have probably noticed that I take long hiatuses from ColtPlay for time to time. There are three primary reasons for this: a) As a full-time dad, author and freelancer, I’m a busy guy and can’t devote too much time to things that don’t help the kids, sell books or make money; b) the other Colts-related blogs (like StampedeBlue) do a great job of coverage; and c) the Bill Polian-Peyton Manning Colts have been kind of boring to talk about. The lockout certainly didn’t help, either.

But now that the players are back and the Colts suck and Manning is out and Polian is under fire, I may just tap out a few more words.

Here are some things I think:

• Manning should retire. Football is football, your neck is your neck. It’s not worth risking life in a wheelchair for another Super Bowl. I know every NFL player does that on every play, but their risk is actually statistically quite slight. Manning’s isn’t any longer.
• Of course Anthony Castonzo is having trouble with speed rushers. He is a rookie who had his learning curve disrupted by the lockout. I still think he blossoms into a top-of-the-line left tackle. Jeff Linkenbach on the other side is a different story.
Austin Collie had the best hands in the NFL before his concussion problems. This year, he has caught three of the 13 passes headed his way. Sure, Kerry Collins is no Manning, but 23.07 percent is ridiculous compared to his previous standards.
• Newcomer of the year so far? Jamaal Anderson. The former first rounder who couldn’t catch a break in Atlanta is looking very much like a solid two-way defender for the Colts.
• I’m not sure Gary Brackett is the Colts’ best middle linebacker anymore.
Melvin Bullitt is awful in coverage – why am I the only Colts fan who can admit that?
Stevie Brown, the latest signee, is a box safety with limited coverage skills. Just like Bullitt. They cut rookie halfback Darren Evans to sign him. Evans was inactive for both of the first two games and now finds himself on the practice squad.


Unknown said...

Welcome back, Jerry.

I agree with you on Bullitt. Did anyone besides us notice he was responsible for the TD completion in the Browns game that cost the COLTS the game? He had a choice of going to two receivers. He went to the one that the safety was close to and left the TE open in the corner. He is occasionally in the right place at the right time, but overall is not very good.

I cant say I agree or disagree about Manning retiring. I am not a doctor, and don't know if the chances of a spinal injury increase with a one level fusion.

The COLTS lines certainly look better this year. Particularly on runs. The offensive line is actually opening some holes. The defensive line is occupying blockers and allowing the linebackers to make tackles. A

Angerer, if he stays healthy, has the look of a future Pro Bowler. Great effort. Good speed. Good tackling.
Dont think he should be covering super fast wide outs though (Wallace of the Steelers) Bad defensive game planning. But I digress. Angerer looks quite good.

Roy said...

Garcon is consistent in his inconsistency.

Wayne looks like someone whose best friend just died. He has this pained look every time Collins or Painter misfire when he is open.

Dallas Clark looks lost. He seems to just run the 5 yard patterns, and either cant get open, or drops the ball. Overall, the tight ends do not seem to be as much a part of the offense. Has there been a Tamme sighting outside of special teams?

Addai and Carter have the look of an effective pair of runners. Donald Brown is not long for this team.

Polian sure seems to have misfired on Brown and Hughes. Why are both such disappointments?


Jerry Langton said...

Hey Unknown: Agreed on all points. It's sad to see the running game and defense show a little life just when Manning goes down.

Roy: I find it hard to blame the receivers. Manning just does so, so much that Collins (especially with no camp or preseason) can't begin to emulate. Brown is a disappointment because he's gotten tenacious, the worst thing for a halfback. And Hughes has not adapted to the pro game. I have more hope for Hughes than Brown at this point.

Roy said...

jerry, could you explain what you mean by "tenacious?"

Jerry Langton said...

Brain freeze. i meant "tentative." The opposite of tenacious, kind of.