Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a few hours now

A look at a few last-minute prospects who have spoken with the Colts (mostly small schoolers)

Anthony Bratton SS Delaware
6001/213 Ten: 1.52 Twenty: 2.62 Forty: 4.50 Bench: 15 Vertical: 37 Long jump: 10’5 Shuttle: 4.09 Three-cone: 6.71
2011 stats: 55 tackles, 41 assists, 3-10 tackles for loss, 0.5-7 sacks, 2-3-0 interceptions, 12 passes defensed, 2 forced fumbles
Likely draft round: UDFA
Comment: Tough safety who’s much better going forward than back; troubles with coverage could lead to a special-teams-only career, but he has the skills and attitude to succeed there – has played some wide receiver and returner

Ron Parker FS Newberry
5117/206 Ten: 1.51 Twenty: 2.49 Forty: 4.35 Bench: 17 Vertical: 32 Long jump: 10’3 Shuttle: 4.15 Three-cone: 6.74
2011 stats: 45 tackles, 14 assists, 2-2 tackles for loss, 5-1-0 interceptions, 13 passes defensed, 3-72-1 fumble recoveries, 1 forced fumble
Likely draft round: 6th
Comment: Great coverage safety with ballhawking skills (11 picks in his last 18 games); unbelievably athletic but incredibly raw – a great pick for the future, but don’t expect much right away

Larry Dean OLB Valdosta State
5116/229 Ten: 1.50 Twenty: NA Forty: 4.50 Bench: 22 Vertical: 36.5 Long jump: 10’1 Shuttle: 4.37 Three-cone: 6.79
2011 stats: 49 tackles, 73 assists, 8.5-45, 1-6-1 interception, 3 passes defensed, 1-12-1 fumble recovery, 1 forced fumble, 1 blocked kick
Likely draft round: UDFA
Comment: Athletic, do-everything outside linebacker who is smaller than NFL teams want and could project to strong safety – eerily reminiscent of former Colt Jordan Senn, who has carved out a nice career with the Panthers

David Akinniyi DE North Carolina State
6035/254 Ten: 1.72 Twenty: 2.71 Forty: 4.79 Bench: 18 Vertical: 35 Long jump: 9’8 Shuttle: 4.46 Three-cone: 7.00
2011 stats: 12 tackles, 8 assists, 5-31 tackles for loss, 2.5-23 sacks, 1-0-0 fumble recovery, 1 forced fumble
Likely draft round: UDFA
Comment: Great kid, great athlete, played 5-technique at NC State but needs seasoning and development – had 141 tackles, 22 tackles for loss and 12 sacks in 34 games at Northeastern before transferring when the Huskies dropped football – could be a steal

Andrew Soucy DT Eastern Kentucky
6021/311 Ten: 1.75 Twenty: 3.09 Forty: 5.28 Bench: 32 Vertical: 30 Long jump: 8’9 Shuttle: 4.56 Three-cone: 7.59
2011 stats: 15 tackles, 13 assists, 9.5-42 tackles for loss, 4-30 sacks, 1-0-0 fumble recovery, 1 forced fumble, 1 blocked kick
Likely draft round: UDFA
Comment: Monstrously strong interior lineman who produced at low level of competition but has lots and lots to learn

Matt Szymanski K SMU
6017/205 numbers not important because he’s a kicker
2011 stats: 7-12 field goals, 32-32 extra points, 52-2,149-9 (14 in 20) punting, 19-1,249-5 kickoffs, 2-30-0 rushing
Likely draft round: UDFA
Comment: Big leg, likely to stick in the NFL as a kickoff specialist

Jake Laptad DE Kansas
6036/257 Ten: 1.75 Twenty: 2.82 Forty: 4.95 Bench: 20 Vertical: 31.5 Long jump: 9’3 Shuttle: 4.55 Three-cone: 7.75
2011 stats: 22 tackles, 16 assists, 8.5-38 tackles for loss, 4.5-27 sacks, 3 forced fumbles
Likely draft round: UDFA
Comment: Great guy, good performer who may lack athleticism for NFL

Cliff Matthews DE South Carolina
6034/257 Ten: 1.65 Twenty: 2.72 Forty: 4.81 Bench: 17 Vertical: 32 Long jump: 9’4 Shuttle: 4.37 Three-cone: 7.21
2011 stats: 30 tackles, 14 assists, 8.5-43 tackles for loss, 5.5-34 sacks, 2 passes defensed, 4 forced fumbles
Likely draft round: 5th
Comment: Great athlete who seems to lack any real dedication to the game, upside is high, downside is scary

Preston Dial TE Alabama
6021/238 did not participate in workouts after a serious knee injury
2011 stats: 25-264-5 receiving
Likely draft round: 7th
Comment: College fullback and tight end with receiving skills should translate into H-back for most offenses in the NFL, big-time special-teams contributor

Brian Maddox HB South Carolina
5101/232 Ten: 1.75 Twenty: 2.79 Forty: 4.83 Bench: 23 Vertical: 32.5 Long jump: 10’1 Shuttle: 4.65 Three-cone: 7.19
2011 stats: 74-391-3 rushing, 10-67-0 receiving,
Likely draft round: UDFA
Comment: Stocky, multipurpose back who could never win starting job with the Gamecocks

Chris Dieker QB Southern Illinois
6051/232 Ten: 1.69 Twenty: 2.82 Forty: 4.92 Bench: NA Vertical: 32 Long jump: 9’4 Shuttle: 4.44 Three-cone: 7.30
2011 stats: 256-158-1,816-15-11 passing, 96-272-6 rushing
Likely draft round: UDFA
Comment: Looked good (15-4 record as a starter) until breaking his collarbone as a junior and looking tentative as a senior; a student of the Manning brothers – looks like a camp arm at this point

• I’m increasing sure the Colts are after Iowa’s Ricky Stanzi, he has the look of a future starter to me

Blue MD wants to know why the Colts seem to have no love for Kyle DeVan and tons for Donald Brown. He suggests that new running backs coach David Walker has something to do with Brown’s situation. I think the Colts have seen DeVan at his best and feel he’s eminently replaceable. But they invested a first-round pick in Brown, and almost certainly hope he can put something together now that he’s got his feet wet. Besides, Joseph Addai and Mike Hart are not under contract. If the season started today, the Colts would have just Brown, Javarris James and Devin Moore at halfback. Yikes.

• That reminds me, keep an eye on Pittsburgh halfback Dion Lewis. He’s only three years out of high school, tiny (5065/193) and not that fast (4.56c/4.47pd), but was a favourite of Walker’s when he coached him, and has some very shifty moves. Late rounder, but he’s better than Hart.

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