Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a few final, predraft thoughts

I like this article. In it, Polian speaks about how it takes a few years to evaluate prospects. He blames injuries for slowing both Mike Pollak (left) and Tony Ugoh’s development and goes on to say that it was Ugoh’s inability to recover that led to his eventual dismissal. He also says that although he thinks Pollak has contributed, his play has not been up to that standard of safety Melvin Bullitt or receiver Austin Collie. Kinda makes me think he might be leaning toward re-signing Bullitt. The flip side of Polian’s cogent argument is that if injuries derailed Ugoh and Pollak, then why is Collie, who was more severely injured than either, a paragon of player development?

Peyton Manning admitted to throwing concussion-related baseline testing. No surprise. This is a fellow who had missed one snap due to injury in 12 seasons, and that was for a broken jaw. Clearly, playing is more important to him than his health.

• Am I nuts or could there really be five or six quarterbacks selected in the first round? Looks like the Colts will be shut out for a development guy early. Still, I think they take a flyer on North Carolina’s TJ Yates or a similar prospect later on.

• A final look at draft needs would have to include a starting left tackle and upgrades all over the offensive line and a home run hitter on offense either at halfback or receiver. The defense, as always, could use some beef up front and a new safety would be a boon.

• Have you heard of’s Draft Muncher? They look at 46 mock drafts to determine who the experst think each team will select in the first round. As of this morning, 16 drafts had the Colts drafting Colorado’s Nate Solder, ten had Boston College’s Anthony Castonzo, seven had Illinois’ Corey Luiget, five had Wisconsin’s Gabe Carimi and four other players were also named at least once. I’m glad the pundits are leaning toward a left tackle, but I still like Mississippi State's Derek Sherrod better than Solder or Carimi and expect Castonzo to be gone by No. 22.

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