Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Updated mock*

2/59 Donnie Avery WR Houston (5110, 192, 4.43c/4.33pd) Marvin Harrison's heir and an explosive return specialist all in one player — a star in the making
3/93 Jo-Lonn Dunbar ILB Boston College (6004, 231, 4.79c/4.85pd) Something makes me think this under-rated tackling machine will be a great pro
4/127 Kerry Brown T Appalachian State (6053, 308, 5.38) Kid is already a polished pass-blocker, they'll teach him the rest
5/161 Thomas Brown HB Georgia (5083, 204, 4.51c/4.42pd) The team needs a No.2 halfback and this kid does everything well, except stay in one piece
6/196 Mackenzy Bernardeau G Bentley (6041, 306, 5.25pd) Small-school star could be an All-Pro with coaching; incredible potential if he works at it
6/201 Michael Peterson TE Northwest Missouri State (6021, 247, 4.59) I'd like a blocker, but after the Ben Hartsock debacle, I think they'll go with this small-school pass-catcher and try to teach him to block
6/202 Andy Studebaker DE Wheaton College (6030, 251, 4.61) This kid's quickness off the snap is something to behold; he's a lottery ticket — big win or small loss
6/205 Curtis Johnson DE Clark-Atlanta (6025, 242, 4.69c/4.60pd) Johnson's insurance in case Studebaker bombs, could also be given a shot at Sam (where he's played in the past), he has the wheels
7/236 Bernard Morris QB Marshall (6030, 223, 4.68c/4.61pd) The athletic quarterback I've been crying for since the Ricky Turner days; this probably won't happen, I just want it to

Also, keep an eye on:
QB Blake Mitchell
HB Jalen Parmele
HB Justin Beaver
WR Luke Swan
WR Pierre Garcon
TE Paul Cleaver
T Anthony Collins
T John Greco
C Mike Martinez
LB Joe Mays
LB Danny Lansanah
LB Weston Dacus
S Joe Fields
S Curtis Cutts
K Dan Ziedman (kickoff specialist)

*with some anonymous insider info

I wouldn't put too much stock in ESPN's speculation that the Colts are interested in Shaun Alexander. Houston is a more likely spot.

• So Marcus Pollard's a Pat. They do have knack for getting the most out of players who are beyond their sell-by date, but I don't he'll be haunting the Colts or the Seahawks in the next few seasons.

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