Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tiny college prospect

I know the Colts scour the nation (1) for small-school talent, but Hillsdale College? It's a 1,300 student liberal arts college whose best-known alum was talented director Bob Clark (2). Not really a football powerhouse, its most famous grad was Chester Marcol, the noted kicker from the 70s. Oh, and there was another worth mentioning. In 1964, the 49ers used the first pick of the ninth round to select Hillsdale guard Howard Mudd. Now you know why the Colts are there.

But the player they are looking at is not an o-lineman for Mudd to mold. Mark Nicolet (6013, 220, 4.84) is a short, but strong-armed and atheletic quarterback. After a strong senior season (371-240-3,335-31-8 passing, 76-206-2 rushing, 3-12-0 receiving and one punt for 44 yards), he was named second-team D2 All-American and totally destroyed the West in the Cactus Bowl (18-10-103-3-0 passing, 4-41-0 rushing). While it's unlikely he'll get any love on draft day, expect the Colts (3) to be calling as soon as the selection process is over.

1. And Canada and probably other countries as well.
2. He's best known for Porky's, but I prefer to remember him for the sublime A Christmas Story.
3. He is, after all, from Zionsville.

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