Saturday, April 12, 2008


Just after I shoot my mouth off about how the Colts will draft an offensive lineman first, Bill Polian throws a little doubt in there.

The Colts worked out Tavares Gooden ILB Miami (6012, 234, 4.62c/4.57pd) — a player very much worth their top pick. He's an awesome athlete who makes plays all over the field, is adept in coverage, an explosive wrap-up tackler and ... actually, it's easier to ennumerate what's wrong with him than what's right:

1. Doesn't bring much size: Not a problem for the Colts
2. Not a natural pass-rusher: So? The Colts blitz their linebackers less often than any other team in the NFL
3. Can be fooled on fakes and misdirection: Few can't be; good coaching should solve this
4. Has history of hip and shoulder injuries and some have questioned his toughness: Now those are real problems

Many teams are, according to the media, projecting him outside; but that would be a huge mistake. At Miami, Gooden was a decent OLB, but a star at ILB.

If the Colts are satisfied he's tough enough, Gooden could well be their top pick. Still, I;d rather see that lineman.

They also looked at Pierre Garcon WR Mount Union (5117, 210, 4.42). He's big, strong, fast and superproductive (202-3,363-47 receiving, 19-176-4 rushing and 20-491-1 kick returns in three seasons). The problem is that those three seasons occcured at a D3 school, where he got by on sheer athleticism, and never learned to run proper routes, square his cuts or beat consistent jams. He has the tools to be an NFL receiver — though he may be a bit of a long strider to gain consistent separation from the slot — but the learning curve will be quite a hump.

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