Saturday, March 22, 2008

Linemen are coming

While the Colts were looking at New Mexico State tight end Paul Cleaver, they also checked out offensive lineman Mike Martinez. A natural center, Martinez (6037, 335, e5.30) played left tackle for the Aggies simply because he was their best o-lineman. While his agent is quick to point out that Martinez neutralized the mighty Shawne Merriman when they met up in 2004 (1 tackle, zero sacks), I wouldn't count on that kind of production week-in and week-out. A fundamentally sound tough guy who plays a cerebral game, Martinez is too heavy-footed (and big-bellied) to last outside in the pros.

This is also a pretty good time to mention that the Colts did check out one first-day lock — Boston College's Gosder Cherilus (6063, 314, 5.14). I don't think I really have to tell you who he is, but the quick sketch is this: massive, smart, hard-working kid with excellent technique who lacks the feet to play left tackle in the NFL, but would be a star on the right side and could have a future inside as well. Would I be surprised if he was the Colts' top pick? Not at all.

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