Monday, March 31, 2008

Catching up

A few items to discuss:

Comp picks. Not quite as many as expected, but three sixth rounders should be cool. With their addition, the Colts now have one second, one third, one fourth, one fifth, four sixths and one seventh for nine picks in all. The picks are:

Second round: 59
Third round: 93
Fourth round: 127
Fifth round: 161
Sixth round: 196, 201, 202, 205
Seventh round: 236

Prospect bios. I'll get to them, give me a break, I gotta make a living.

What position will the Colts draft first? I see that there's a lot of Cliff Avril love on the Net, but I dunno about him or any other defensive end being the top pick (especially since Josh Thomas re-signed). Bill Polian hasn't picked what fans thought was the obvious guy since Rob Morris and that wasn't exactly a lottery winner.

If we take a look at every player I have the Colts on record talking to and compare them with where New Era Scouting's Luke Paul Chandler thinks they'll be picked, we see a pattern. A caveat here: I have no especial fondness for Chandler's prognostications, but he's the most reliable of those whose seven-rounders I've seen. Just for kicks, I'll also throw in where Colin Lindsay of Great Blue North and where rate them. The first set of numbers are Chandler's, the second, Lindsay's, and the third are from Couchscout.

Anthony Collins T 33/65/179
Gosder Cherilus T 44/28/51
Marcus Howard DE 115/120/43
Eddie Royal WR 116/83/92 slot/return specialist
Jon Greco T 129/112/106 could move inside
Jack Williams CB 139/159/202
Curtis Johnson DE 169/--/186
Kerry Brown G 204/--/335
Jeremy Geathers DE 209/--/1013
Titus Brown DE 224/--/291
Mackenzy Bernardeau G 243/--/122
Dan Davis DT --/--/573
Dan Zeidman P --/--/-- kickoff specialist
Jon Banks LB --/--/--
Danny Lansanah LB --/--/649
Jayson Foster WR --/--/--
Michael Peterson TE --/--/323
Thomas Brown HB --/136/209 I think Chandler just plain forgot about him, he'll be drafted
Bernard Morris QB --/--/245 may be given a look at WR or S
Mike Martinez C --/--/--
Jameel McClain DE --/--/201 some say he's a better fit at ILB, I disagree
Joe Fields S --/--/273
Paul Cleaver TE --/--/--
Shemiah LaGrande DT --/--/--
Kareem Huggins HB --/--/--
Jordan Senn OLB --/--/1834
James Banks WR --/--/550
Piotr Czech K --/--/--
Craig Hormann QB --/--/--
Tommy Ellingworth WR --/--/989 slot/return specialist
Justin Beaver HB --/--/--
Jalen Parmele HB --/--/152 he'll be drafted, good back
Jonna Lee LB --/--/--
Alley Broussard HB --/--/360
Blake Mitchell QB --/--/786

To me, it looks like it'll be an offensive lineman.

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