Friday, April 16, 2010

Latest mock

1/31 Jerry Hughes DE TCU
(6016/255/4.65c) 32 TK, 26 AT, 16.5-78 TFL, 11.5-72 SK, 6 PBU, 2 FF, 1-0-0 FR
Why: He's a great pass-rushing prospect and a good kid

2/63 Jared Veldheer T Hillsdale
Why: Just look at him!

3/94 Alterraun Verner CB UCLA
(5101/189/4.52c) 51 TK, 21 AT, 5-7 TFL, 5-158-1 INT, 4 PBU, 1-0-1 FR
Why: Awesome, awesome kid who's a great athlete and a productive corner.

4/129 Chris DeGeare G Wake Forest
Why: Another good guy who brings size and technique

5/162 Deji Karim HB Southern Illinois
(5085/209/4.40pd) 240-1,694-18 RU, 17-212-1 REC, 14-433-1 KR
Strong little back and a legitimate retun specialist.

7/238 Damaso Munoz OLB Rutgers
(5105/221/4.49pd) 36 TK, 45 AT, 8.5-29 TFL, 3-12 SK, 2-35-0 INT, 2 FF, 4-0-0 FR, 1-35-1 KR
Many teams see him as a safety, but I like him as an OLB.

7/240 Mike Caussin TE James Madison
(6052/252/4.77pd) 25-438-4 REC, 5-59-0 KR
You knew I'd have a small-school guy on here, besides he's a great guy.

7/246 Cornelius Brown CB UTEP
(5107/198/4.59c/4.46pd) 31 TK, 10 AT, 2-6 TFL, 16 PBU, 1 FF, 2-49-0 KR
Awesome movement skills and his nickname is "cornbread."

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Christopher said...

Wow! Those would be my top two choices too...but, unfortunately, I don't see Hughes or Veldheer being there for our picks. I'm also a big Verner fan. Nice job. That Rutgers LB sounds good, except I think we're going quite a bit bigger than that with the LBs nowadays...