Monday, March 1, 2010

Position Analysis: Quarterbacks

All the other sites are doing position analyses, so ColtPlay will take a shot too. Here's No. 1:

I was going to do a whole big quarterback positional analysis with lots of numbers and everything, but I think I can condense it. Look at it this way: If the Colts play all 16 games with their current players and try to win each of them, with Peyton Manning behind center, I’d expect they win 14 to 16; with Jim Sorgi, it would be 7 or 8; and with Curtis Painter 0 to 2. Manning and Sorgi are in the plateau of their careers in which they are unlikely to show much improvement or decline right away. Painter is at the beginning of his pro career, but must make huge mental strides (like not panicking at the snap of every play) to make any progress as an NFL player.

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