Wednesday, January 6, 2010


To be perfectly clear, the Colts signed WR Dudley Guice Jr. to a future contract. As soon as the regular season ends, teams are allowed to sign players to contracts that begin after the season. Playoff teams are not supposed to announce them because they still have active rosters.

While the rest of the Colts’ signings are still unknown to me, I have seen a few former Colts sign to other (non-playoff teams). Here’s a rundown:

C Steve Justice (Panthers): Justice is technically sound, but not all that strong. He would have to work hard to make the team.
HB Lance Ball (Broncos): Nobody denies Ball’s ability to grind out yards between the tackles, but he’s not speedy, a polished receiver or much of a blocker. The Broncos are famous for getting the most out of their backs, so it should be interesting to see what happens.
DT Terrance Taylor (Lions): A total washout with the Colts, Taylor went back home to Michigan. The Lions are desperate for depth at the position, and Taylor could turn out to be a decent part-time player for them.

Also, CB Keiwan Ratliff was signed by the Bengals to an active contract for the playoffs.

Here’s a pre-draft video that scouts Guice.

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