Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Would Ironhead Heyward Say?

Do the Colts have a fullback? Well, the simple answer is … yes and no. If you look at any roster, you won’t find the symbol FB one tab away from anyone’s name. But in the myriad complexities of the Colts’ offense, the fullback actually does show up from time to time. In fact, after the Colts’ first nine games (I don’t have the breakdowns for the tenth yet), a fullback has shown up on 13 of 609 offensive snaps. That’s 2.13 percent of all plays!

So who are these fullbacks? Scan the roster or the depth chart and you won’t find a one. Nor will you find anyone who fits the part based on the old height to weight formula.

But we here at ColtPlay do more than just look at the press releases and websites. So it is with great pride that we give you an exclusive look at the Colts’ fullbacks:

Eric Foster

Proportion of fullback plays:
11 of 13 (84.62 percent) Triangle numbers: 6015/277/4.89pd Day job: Pass-rushing defensive tackle
The big guy (left) shows up as a short yardage (six plays on 3rd and 1, one play on 3rd and 2 and two plays on 4th and 1) and on max protect (two late-game kneeldowns) packages. While Foster has no discernable running or receiving skills – he did not play offense even in high school – he’s the primary guy because he’s 277 pounds and runs really fast. That can cause problems for linebackers and safeties who’d like to try to tackle the ballcarrier.

Donald Brown
Proportion of fullback plays:
1 of 13 (7.69 percent) Triangle numbers: 5102/210/4.46c Day job: Soon-to-be featured halfback
Brown played fullback once on 1st and 10. The reason would appear to have been to confuse the easily fooled Cardinals defense.

Chad Simpson
Proportion of fullback plays:
1 of 13 (7.69 percent) Triangle numbers: 5085/216/4.40c Day job: Kick returner and change-of-pace halfback
Simpson showed up at fullback on a 1st and 10 play against the Rams. One may only assume he got lost.

Well, the obvious conclusion is that Tom Moore is of the opinion that fullbacks are not part of the modern NFL.

I tend to disagree. Fullbacks are great: They are more mobile than pulling guards and centers on outside running plays, they represent an outlet receiver on third down and are usually pretty nasty special-teams players. Heck, they even give you the misdirection option.

But I’m not running the team.

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