Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some doin's a-transpirin'

The Colts made a couple of roster moves, but I'm still bogged down with paying assignments, so we're going to have to go short-form.

• Colts re-sign Dallas Clark: Boy, he didn't wear that franchise tag long. Since this move was expected, it doesn't make too much difference in the Colts' plans. But it's nice to know the Colts have the man in the fold and that his deal will free up some cap room.

• Colts re-sign Ryan Lilja: Both of last year's starting guards were unrestricted free agents, and it appears the team has chosen Lilja over his partner, Jake Scott. Scott could still re-sign, as he's not they type of guard (or tackle) most teams prize and Colts free agents (especially offensive linemen) have a reputation as system players. Should Scott not re-sign, the Colts have veteran back-up Dylan Gandy ready to step in. He would be the nominal starter heading into camp, but could be displaced by a draft pick.

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