Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colts sign DT Jason Shirley

Sorry to be late on this. The Colts must be more than a tad worried about Josh Chapman's availability because they signed another nose tackle. Jason Shirley (6051/329/5.02pd in 2008) has had something of a colorful past. He's been around (playing for the Bengals, the Seahawks and the Panthers before landing in Indy), played a little (he had 2.5 sacks for the Bengals before they switched him to guard) and he's been in trouble (served a month after a drunken hit-and-run incident).

Shirley offers little other than size and strength, and perhaps a little experience.


bronzegod said...

I wanted to give you more free time during camp, so I'm giving you the 53 & Practice squads now so you can chill & enjoy the family. No, don't send any cash!

FS- Bethea;Newton;Merletti-PS
SS- Zibikowski;Callwell;Thomas-PS
ILB- Angerer;Edds;Conner;Harvey;Lumpkin-PS
OLB- Freeney;Mathis;Hughes;Fuggar
NT&DT- McKenny;Johnson;Chapman;Anunoby;
DE- Redding;Moala;Nevis;Mathews;
QB- Luck;Stanton;Harnish
RB- Brown;Moore;Ballard;Karim;Carter-PS
TE- Allen;Fleener;Jones;Miller-PS
WR- Wayne;Collie;Avery;Hilton;Ross;Brazil;Sambrano-PS
OL- Satele;McGlynn;Reitz;Ijalana;Anderson;Castonzo;Justice;Linkenbach;Foster;Baker-PS
SpTeams- Vinetari;Mcaffe;Snow

Jerry Langton said...

BG, Great reading and mind blown! Nice work.

You like Harvey that much? I don't know much about him.