Monday, March 26, 2012

Back, but not with a vengeance

Hey guys, anything happen while I was gone? Just kidding. Being too busy and taking a flyer on a blog aggregator put ColtPlay down for a while, but it’s back. Let’s kick off the 2012 kibbitzing season with a look at the Colts’ offseason moves thus far.

Re-signing Robert Mathis (left)
Meh. Sure, Mathis is a great pass-rusher, but he’s never really played with his hand off the ground and I’m not sure signing a 31-year-old to a big-buck (four years/$36 million) really fits the whole rebuilding schtick.

Signed AQ Shipley, Jake Kirkpatrick and Trevor Vittatoe 
Meh. The more in camp the merrier. But none of these guys look to make a huge impact, though Kirkpatrick could surprise.

Cut Dallas Clark, Curtis Painter, Gary Brackett, Melvin Bullitt and Joseph Addai 
Yay. Okay, I might have kept Clark to help ease in the new quarterback, especially since there’s precious little else at the position on the roster. But the other cuts were spot on. Brackett had lost his job, made a huge salary and would not fit in the new scheme. Bullitt was injury-prone and only modestly effective when healthy. I’ve never been an Addai guy, and think the team can improve at the position. And Painter’s just no damn good.

Re-signed Reggie Wayne 
Yay. I would have rather kept younger, faster Pierre Garçon (who was signed by Washington), but Wayne at least provides a set of sure hands and proper route running for the new passer.

Traded for Winston Justice 
Yay. The biggest problem Justice has had in his career is that he looks so much like the perfect left tackle, but can only play right tackle well. That’s okay for a team like the Colts that already has a left tackle and a crying need for a right tackle. There are two reasons why I think this was a terrific trade: a) since the Colts new GM Ryan Grigson knows him well from his days as an Eagle, he comes with the stamp of approval of someone with intimate knowledge of his game and character, and b) he cost the team almost nothing.

Signed Cory Redding 
Yay. The Colts have long needed size and strength on the D-line, and Redding provides both. He can line up at left end on three-man fronts, and shift inside on four-man fronts. Experience in the scheme helps too.

Signed Tom Zbikowski 
Yay. Zbikowski is a capable strong safety, certainly a huge improvement over Bullitt.

Signed Mike McGlynn 
Meh. Another former Eagle, McGlynn is pencilled in as the starting left guard. He did start one year in Philadelphia with uninspiring results. Still, it’s unlikely he’ll make fans pine for the days of Mike Pollak and Jamey Richard.

Signed Samson Satele 
Meh. Yes, I know the Colts needed a center since Jeff Saturday signed with the Packers, but I’m not sure this is a the guy. Putting character issues aside, he’s an adequate starter who can be handled by big guys.

Traded for Drew Stanton 
Ugh. While he cost almost nothing, I’m not impressed. Remember the 0-16 2008 Detroit Lions? After starter Jon Kitna went down, they handed the ball to Daunte Culpepper. And after he was hurt, their man was Dan Orlovsky (the man Stanton is effectively replacing in Indy). Stanton got the garbagiest of all garbage time. Since then, he has failed to get past Shaun Hill for the right to hope Matthew Stafford gets hurt again. His happy feet, streakiness and accuracy challenges remind me too much of Painter for me to feel comfortable about this.

Signed Donnie Avery 
Yay. A former second-round pick who once ran a 4.27 forty, Avery has had injury, drop and separation issues after a quick start to his career. He’ll never have great hands, but if his speed returns now that his ACL injury is well behind him, he could be a surprise contributor outside or perhaps as a return man.

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